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Interested in putting your logo or image on the car? NASCAR has regulations we need to comply with so Contact us first by email.

Help increase Bitcoin awareness, bringing NASCAR and Bitcoin together


Think of your first bitcoin experience, how you felt when you first purchased, received it as payment, or mined it. Think of how addicting the technology surrounding Bitcoin became. If you can, think back to the humble beginnings of what has become a revolutionary shift in technology.

Bitcoin helped change the way many of us view money, mobility and technology. But it only consists of a fraction of people in the world. The growth of bitcoin depends on the excitement and support of the community.

It's up to us to come together as a community to raise awareness, educate more people and drive mainstream adoption of Bitcoin.



  1. 1. Increase bitcoin awareness 

  2. 2. Support a young and upcoming NASCAR team and driver


How Will We Achieve Both Goals?

Alex Bowman, rookie Sprint Cup driver of the #23 car, and his team, BK Racing, are giving us the opportunity to turn his car into the Bitcoin car. This would create the first-ever Bitcoin car in the NASCAR Sprint Cup. 

The bitcoin car will race in the Atlanta NASCAR Sprint Cup Race on August 31. In 2013, the Atlanta race averaged over 5 Million TV viewers and roughly 90,000 in attendance in 2012. 


What's The Plan?

We're going to use the Atlanta Sprint Cup race and the team to create a lot of press and publicity around both Bitcoin, Alex Bowman, and the BK Racing NASCAR team. If we raise enough money, we'll be able to have the bitcoin car race multiple races and put on some awesome Bitcoin meetups at the different races and events.

Our Goal is to raise $100,000

If the goal of $100,000 is reached or exceeded it would be one of the largest bitcoin crowdfunding efforts to date. This is how the contributions will be used:

  • - Alex Bowman’s #23 car will be wrapped in a special Bitcoin livery
  • - Bitcoin helmet, fire suit, and apparel will be created and worn by the driver and crew
  • - The team will bring bitcoin related pamphlets at the track to educate others and raise the awareness of Bitcoin


Second and more exciting, we’ll hold a special Bitcoin meetup at Atlanta Motor Speedway on the weekend of the race. This meetup will feature…

  • - Cookout at the track - Everyone who contributed to the campaign will be invited. We’ll be featuring the individuals and/or businesses who pledge over $5,000.
  • - Opportunity to further the effort of bringing NASCAR and Bitcoin together
  • - Create lasting relationships around bitcoin and fast cars


And even more exciting....

All of the contributors' names or public keys will be integrated into the design of the car. 

If we don't raise $100,000, then we have two smaller goals. At $25,000, we'll put the bitcoin logo and text on the quarter panel of the car. If we break $50,000 but not $100,000, then we'll put bitcoin on the hood of the car. 

The Bitcoin community has always been passionate and excited to be a part of big ideas - this is one of those ideas.


Do you want to get involved but don’t have Bitcoin? Feel free to purchase bitcoin via Coinbase

In order to process your Bitcoin payment, click on “Contribute Now" or select your reward level on the right-hand side of the page. After you select your reward, click the “Pay with Bitcoin” button on the ride side of that page to get further instructions.

We also support pledges via credit/debit card if you want to support the campaign, but don't want to contribute via bitcoin.


The idea is great. What do I get for contributing?



Every reward level is meant as a special “Thank You” to your passionate support in increasing Bitcoin awareness. 

If anonymity is an issue, don’t worry!

Every level is open for anonymous transactions. Unfortunately, this means you will not receive any of the rewards. Alex Bowman and his team will be excited no matter what you choose!


Should my company get involved?

Absolutely! If you own a Bitcoin company and want to be featured nationally on a NASCAR Sprint Cup car, this is your chance! We have set up larger reward levels for that reason. You will benefit from increased awareness throughout both communities, its key players, millions of fans and users, in ways that were previously impossible.

Sponsoring NASCAR teams and getting VIP access to a race costs a lot of money. This is your chance to jump in on an opportunity that isn't available everyday. We can also put together packages for your company to bring multiple guests to the race for a great experience.


The Timing is Perfect

Bitcoin has reached a pivot point and is gaining legitimacy. This is a chance to increase awareness and educate millions on the possibilities of Bitcoin. Bitcoin23 empowers the bitcoin community to lead a paradigm and solidify bitcoin’s role in the future.

It’s a chance to...

  • - Witness history, the first-ever Bitcoin car
  • - Support a young team and driver with ambitious goals
  • - See a Bitcoin themed car competing on an incredible stage
  • - Raise Bitcoin awareness to over 40,000 attendees and 4 million viewers


Why Alex Bowman?

Alex Bowman, the driver of the #23 car, is a young forward-thinker. He constantly challenges himself, from learning everything about racing and mechanical technology, to staying on top of emerging technologies. Bitcoin fits in perfectly.

Bowman and the team at BK Racing are young, but not without a vision. They want to witness the power of the Bitcoin community and make it possible to see a Bitcoin car fly by at over 200mph.


Why NASCAR Sprint Cup?

The NASCAR Sprint Cup is one of the most popular sporting events in the world.

It has an average of 60,000 attendees and 5 million viewers per event, bringing Bitcoin to a national stage.

NASCAR fans are number one in brand loyalty amongst sports fans.

The BK Racing team has given the Bitcoin community a great opportunity to partner with them to raise awareness and support for both Bitcoin and the team.


Choose your reward:

You will be the epitome of cool! As an epic thank you, we will integrate every public key or contributor name into the design of the car!


You will receive a special BK Racing sticker, one that matches the high quality of Bitcoin and NASCAR. Put it on a laptop, car, light post, window, your face… Your support will not go unnoticed.

Of course you will also get the rewards from the previous tier: An epic thank you


This is not your average playing card. This Hero Card is an ultimate collector’s item amongst NASCAR fans. Better yet, each card will be signed by Alex Bowman, driver of Bitcoin23.

You will also get the rewards from the previous tier: An epic thank you and a BK Racing sticker


Not your everyday racing shirt. We gave up on the tire tracks and the checkered flag, because we didn’t want you to feel like you were being run over in the 90’s. Since Bitcoin is new and innovative, we wanted to update everything and throw the rules out the window.

Of course you will also get the rewards from the previous tier: An epic thank you, BK Racing sticker and a signed hero card


After years of the same old headwear, we found the best hat for a life at high speeds. Fashionable, yet comfortable, the BK Racing hat has been designed with the tech-savvy race-goer in mind.

Guess what? You also get the rewards from the previous tier: An epic thank you, BK Racing sticker, signed hero card and a t-shirt


Step it up a notch! Now you can attend the race! Come witness Bitcoin23 and Alex Bowman speed across the finish line in what will be a historic event.

The race will be held at Atlanta Motor Speedway on August 31, 2014.

You also get the rewards from the previous tier: An epic thank you, BK Racing sticker, signed hero card, t-shirt and a BK Racing hat


As if it couldn’t get any better. We kept thinking of ways that we could reward people like you even more, and thought we would simply Double It! You will not get two, but FOUR tickets to the race at Atlanta Motor Speedway, and plenty of merchandise to start a brand new wardrobe.

That means every reward from the previous tiers: four tickets, two hats, two shirts, two signed hero cards, two stickers and a big thank you! Your weekend getaway awaits.


We know that the Bitcoin community loves to travel, so we wanted to help solve your travel challenges. You have the option of two rewards.

Built specifically for the person on-the-go, the Minaal carry-on bag is made for the tech-savvy, innovative traveler. It is professional enough to take with you on your next business trip, but can change like a superhero into the bag you need for everyday life. Each Minaal bag will be embroidered with the campaign logo.

Scottevest has all the storage you are looking for in your outdoor apparel. A great addition to your travel gear, perfect for a day at the track, a long flight, or for simplifying your everyday life.

You also get the rewards from the $100 tier: An epic thank you, BK Racing sticker, signed hero card, t-shirt and a BK Racing hat


Here’s where it gets interesting. If you lay down $2,500, whether in Bitcoin or USD, you will get the ultimate fan experience. The VIP Fan Package includes 2 Cold Passes to a race of your choice as well as an embroidered Minaal bag. In addition, you will also receive a personalized Scottevest included in the Frequent Traveler Package!

You also get the rewards from the $100 tier: An epic thank you, BK Racing sticker, signed hero card, t-shirt and a BK Racing hat



Business Sponsorship Rewards

The first of the sponsorship packages! Let's get you some views and in front of the right audience. The TV Panel is just above the back bumper on the car. You can put your website or a logo/image that you want on it. 


Woah. This is the big time, in addition to everything from the Frequent Traveler Package, you or your company will be featured on the B-Pillar of the Bitcoin23 car. You also get four shirts, four hats and TWO Cold Passes.

Sure, having your logo on the side of the car so everytime there's a close up or video of the side of the car your logo is seen, but it's even better that you'll be there with these VIP passes. These Cold passes give you access to places that regular ticket holders can't get in. It's all about the experience with this one. Use these passes for personal fun or business entertainment and see the backstage of the race first-hand.

TWO Cold Passes to a race of your choice, which gives you full access to the infield and pit lanes when the track is COLD.


Wow! We could not be more excited for what you are doing for the Bitcoin community and the team at BK Racing. Your support gets you or your company’s logo on the Quarter Panel of Bitcoin23 and a meet-and-greet with driver, Alex Bowman.

Going to the race as a VIP guest with a Hot pass gives you access that not many people can get. This is a great opportunity to get VIP access the part of the race that most aren't able to see. Whether you go or use this as a business entertainment event, this is a great package at a great price. We also forgot to mention that last year the Atlanta race boasted over 50,000 in attendance and over 9 Million TV viewers. That's not a bad number to have your company in front of.

Get ready to go to the races. You will also get TWO Hot Passes for a race of your choosing. A Hot Pass gives you nearly unlimited access to everything NASCAR on race day, including witnessing qualifying and practices from the infield. Bring your earplugs. It’s about to get loud!

You also get these rewards: An SUPER epic thank you, BK Racing sticker, signed hero card, 6 t-shirts and 6 BK Racing hats


You just donated FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS! Get ready for the ultimate NASCAR experience. Not only will you get you or your company’s logo on the hood, but you will also get unprecedented access to everything NASCAR, including a meet-and-greet with Alex Bowman.

Normall it costs anywhere from $350,000 to $500,000 per race to be a primary sponsor. You're able to do it for ony $50,000 thanks to Alex and the team at BK Racing. Reach over 50,000+ fans in attendance and over 9 Million viewers online for the Atlanta Race. 

You can also provide an awesome event for a couple VIP guests with your tickets. 

The Ultimate NASCAR Experience comes with FOUR Hot Passes, which give you access to the garage and along pit road at all times during race weekend. These passes provide incredible access unmatched in other sports.

You also get these rewards: An SUPER epic thank you, BK Racing sticker, signed hero card, 6 t-shirts and 6 BK Racing hats


Here is a little more detail on the individual rewards:

Alex Bowman Hero Card - You'll get a signed Hero Card from Alex Bowman. 

Alex Bowman T-shirt - Alex's T-Shirt is designed for the tech focused and innovative person. The shirt isn't the same as your old-school racing shirts. How many shirts do you want to own that have checked flags and tire tread on them?

Alex Bowman Hat - Alex's Hat is still finishing design approval so this hat might slightly change. We'll let you know if there are any changes as soon as we know with the hat. 

Minaal Bag - A carry-on bag born from an idea and a successfully funded Kickstarter. They are incredible!

Scottevest - Wonderful and useful apparel for traveling and a day at the track.

Cold Pass - Provides the same access as a hot pass, but is not valid when the garages "goes hot." 

Hot Pass - Provides incredible access that is unmatched in other sports. A Hot Pass allows fans into the garage and along pit road at all points during the race weekend.


A Bigger Vision…

If we reach the $100,000 goal, we'll open up the other stretch goals. These allow more opportunity to increase awareness, educate new audiences, and support Alex and the BK Racing team further.


Stretch goals:

Raise $200,000

If we raise $200,000, then we'll be able to wrap the car for two different races. Put on some awesome bitcoin meetups, and create a lot more educational material to hand out and raise awareness of Bitcoin. We'll open up a few more rewards for individuals or businesses that want to have their logo or image on the car for the second race.


Raise $600,000

If we raise $600,000, then we'll be able to keep the bitcoin car for the next 7 races of the NASCAR Sprint Cup season. We'll have BItcoin meetups at every NASCAR race the bitcoin car is racing at, put on more educational events, have meet and greets with Alex and the team and more. We'll open up more rewards for individuals or businesses that want to have their logo or image on the car. 


Bitcoin can become a key player in the world of NASCAR, appealing to the existing and new markets of fans in addition to some of the largest and most established businesses around the world. 

Both NASCAR and Bitcoin are backed by the support of influential individuals and forward-thinking business owners who are open to the possibilities of digital currency.

We've all seen Bitcoin's rollercoaster from the early stages to where it's at today. As people hear about Bitcoin and are educated in a positive way, a percentage of those people will start using Bitcoin which will also lead more businesses to acknowledge and accept Bitcoin. Our goal isn't only wrapping a Sprint Cup car. Our goal is to increase the support for Bitcoin, Alex Bowman, and BK Racing while educating as many people as possible about Bitcoin. 


Your support is very important to us. Let's do this together... Show your support, be a part of history, increase awareness.


Thank you! We really mean it!



Every bit counts.

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Your support is greatly appreciated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I contributed with Bitcoin, but didn't see my amount update on the website yet.

    We know that seeing the updates in contributions live is a lot of fun and exciting. Unfortunately, the campaign won't automatically update Bitcoin payments. We have to work with Crowdtilt (the crowdfunding platform) to manually update these payments. We're planning on updating the Bitcoin contributions 2-3 times a day.

  • I want to stay anonymous with my donation, can I do that?

    Absolutely! Just select the top reward and choose any amount that you want to donate. Once you do that, click the "Pay with Bitcoin" button on the right-hand side of the page and pay with Bitcoin. You don't need to email us or send us your unique identifier to verify. Thanks so much for your support!

  • Why are we putting together a fundraiser for sponsoring a NASCAR?

    The Atlanta race has boasted over 50,000 in attendance and over 9 Million TV viewers in the past. This is one of many ways to increase awareness and educate a new audience.

  • You didn't ask for my shipping information or shirt size

    We will follow up via email to ask you to submit your shirt size and shipping address as needed.

  • Why BK Racing and why Alex Bowman?

    BK Racing is a young team in NASCAR Sprint Cup. They are fueled on passion. They aren't buying their engines and cars from other teams. They are building everything with a long-term goal of competing with the big boys. Alex is a driver for BK Racing. He's a young guy who's into innovative technology.

  • How can I contribute?

    Click on a reward level on the right-hand side of the page or the main blue contribute button and follow the instructions. You can select to pay via Bitcoin on the checkout screen.

  • Didn't Dogecoin do this already on Reddit?

    Yes, Dogecoin did get a community together to sponsor Josh Wise for a few races. They did an awesome job coming together as a community to do something fun. That campaign brought a lot of new people to Dogecoin and even Bitcoin. That's the main goal of this campaign, support Alex and BK Racing and increase the awareness of Bitcoin to bring more people to use it.

  • Why doesn't NASCAR just start accepting Bitcoin?

    We're hoping this campaign will bring more interest to NASCAR, Teams, and other businesses related to NASCAR to accept and start using Bitcoin. This is a great step to show the community that Bitcoin is here and making a difference and shouldn't be ignored.

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